What was supposed to be a month of celebration and joy has quickly turned into one of further anguish and disappointment. We stand behind black lives and against the systemic racism that people of color go through every day by the hands of police and society.

To clarify, many of our interviews were done prior to the killing of George Floyd, so, unfortunately, most of the content in this zine will not be discussing race, like we all should be doing right now. But we want to emphasize the importance of listening to black voices and their experiences; to empathize with those who are being eradicated for the color of their skin. The core values of That Punk Zine will always believe that black lives matter.

So, in celebration of pride month, and to further support black lives, we will be donating 10¢ for every read we get on Issuu.

The total will then be split and sent to For The Gworls and The Trevor Project!

Forever and always,
Steven Keehner, Jack Seda-Schreiber, Jennifer Velasquez, and Brianna Townsend

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